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The author of change of your Story to Glory is none other than JESUS
– Ronke Adebajo

All of life and the human experience is summed up in one phrase; “The Story Season.” This is the challenging season where you walk alone. The season which marks your self-discovery, soul-searching and awakening to your true self and your life’s purpose. This is the season where you experience joy, happiness, pain, shame, and even utter hopelessness but this is also the season where your soul quickens and you awaken to your true self and your life’s purpose, where you find the strength to overcome and rise to a new level.

Welcome to Story Before Glory where we tell extraordinary stories from YOUR STORY SEASON


Through the stories we tell, we seek to transform lives by inspiring people. Through the testimonies of our guests, we want to minister to souls and ensure God is glorified.


Our vision is to raise a generation of people who are not limited or held back by their origins or circumstances. People who have found the courage to overcome difficult circumstances through faith in God and who have become pillars of strength for others.

How We Began

On a bright Sunday morning in church, an idea was born when I reflected on the fact that, while people may forget about the sermons and teachings, they rarely forget about testimonies. There is a profound power in storytelling which touches the very essence of the human soul and helps us connect to each other in powerful ways. After prayerful reflections, directions and research, I stepped out in faith to find the extraordinary men and whose stories had the power to heal, transform and encourage lives and thus, Story Before Glory was birthed. In the last 6 years, I have met with and connected with many wonderful people filled with immense courage & grace who have not held back in sharing their journeys & life lessons.  With each new episode of Story Before Glory, I am humbled and grateful to be chosen to bring these stories to the world. The words of Psalm 115:1 remain a driving force and motivation to keep sharing these extraordinary stories.“Not to us, Lord, not to us but to Your name be the Glory, because of Your love and Faithfulness – Psalm 115:1”

It is my hope that one life at a time is impacted and transformed for good by our stories and my dream is to one day be able to take these stories to all nations as they are needed. My profound love and gratitude to the Holy Spirit who has been with me every step of the way and I look forward to hearing and sharing more stories to the world!

(Ronke Adebajo, Founder Story Before Glory)

What we do

Through guest interviews we share true life stories of our guests Journeys and how Jesus Changes their situation. We hope that some of the stories you watch will give you hope and stare up a desire to know the God behind all this.

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